This donation package is created for only if you want to support the server , and it gives you the opportunity to do it anytime!

We want you to know that the biggest support
from you are the following methods:

• Voting everyday (biggest support)!
• Being active & friendly to everyone!
• Putting server ip under your discord name
• Stream & putting server ip in title or description of your stream
• Comment or like in official server web posts like planetmc
• Posting server only in legal and advertise allowed sites or discord channels

• Like our facebook page

As server we don't want donations except if you like our work and want to support us , or if you just want to help with future host of server!

No one who donate doesn't mean that he will be over power & not banned if not following the rules & don't respect others!

This package just broadcasting that you supported the server by donating & the ammount of donation!
(No reward included)!